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Used minilab , minilab , reconditioned minilab , fully reconditioned minilab QSS-2901 .
Noritsu Koki is proud to announce the QSS-2901 Digital, the latest edition to Noritsu's list of fully digital minilabs. The QSS-2901 Digital is designed to give the minilab shop more freedom, the customer more choices, and the photo business more opportunity for expansion.

Standard accessories : 135 Auto Nega Mask 1 pc,Paper Magazine 2 pcs,Back Printer 1 pc,Mirror Tunnel 1 pc ,APS Auto Nega Mask,Calibration plate 1 pc,Desitometer 1 pc,Software 1 set

1. Main features of the QSS-2901 Digital

1) Fully digital processing with an array of correction features
The QSS-2901 Digital converts all scanned images into digital data. Correction features are then applied where necessary, correcting contrast, sharpness, red-eye (option), and problems with exposure, backlit scenes and flash photography. If the (optional) Digital feature is applied, dust and scratches on negatives will be automatically detected and then corrected.

Digital is a trademark of Applied Science Fiction

2) High speed scanner and advanced MLVA digital print engine
This fully digital minilab comes equipped with a high speed film scanner and a high specification digital printing system that provide speedy digital processing of data from multiple image sources.

The technologically advanced MLVA (Micro Light Valve Array) digital print engine enables high quality 400dpi prints to be output directly onto standard silver halide paper, which not only assures superior quality, it also provides the user with substantial cost savings.

3) Print capacity of 1,548 prints/Hr. (Estimation)
The scanner and MLVA print engine, along with two lane processing, a dual magazine system, and other speed-enhancing features enable the QSS-2901 Digital to produce up to 1548 (127x89mm) prints per hour.

The actual capacity you achieve may be different.

4) Extensive range of compatible input/output media
Meeting the needs of the digital age, the QSS-2901 Digital has the ability to input image data from a vast amount of image sources including 35mm, IX240, 120 film (negative and positive), floppy disks, MOs, CD-ROM, DVDs, Zip disks and digital camera media.

The QSS-2901 Digital also gives you many choices for output media. Besides outputting onto silver halide paper, captured image data can also be written to a majority of the media available today, including CD-R/W, MOs, Zip disks, DVDs, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, and PC Cards.

5) Compact body/Easy operation
The input section (Scanner) and the output section (Printer/Processor) of the QSS-2901 Digital are combined into one unit, making for a compact design.

The wide 17 inch color monitor which displays graphic designs and a user-friendly interface enable even operators with limited experience to produce a wide range of prints.

6) Network abilities
It is also possible to implement a Noritsu original network system to increase production and efficiency in the printing process. The size and form of this network can be adapted to meet the demands of the particular shop.

7) Additional value prints
An enormous maximum print size of 305mm x 457mm (12x18 inches) enables a wide variety of prints and services to be offered. Cropping, image editing, makeovers and enlargements are all easy operations with QSS-2901 Digital. Other digital features can also be put to use to give added value to photographs, by making package prints, greeting cards, ID Photos, business cards, and calendars, etc.

QSS-2901 Digital
Film Scanner Printer(SMP-1700)
Exposure engine: MLVA engine
Print resolution: 400 dpi
Exposure speed: 25.4 mm/sec
Light source of printer: Halogen lamp(30.5v,370w)
Image import method: Main scanning: Independent RGB measurement via 3 lines CCD Sub scanning: Scanning by film movement.
Film types: Negative and positive(135,120,1X240), mounted positives.
Film size: 135F,135P, 135H, 135HD, 120(6X4.5,6X6,6X7,6X8, 6X9), 1X240, 110
Film carrier(Option): 135/240 AFC: Compatible with both 135 and 1X240 film Lane chages performed manually,Minimum film length: 2 frames
120 AFC: Film carrier for 120 film. Compatible with negatives and positives. Minimum film length:2 frames
110 AFC: Film carrier for 110 film. Compatible with negatives and positives. Minimum film length:3 frames
135/240 MMC: Carrier for mounted 135 and 1X240 film. Compatible with positives only.
Input source: Standard:FD,CD-ROM, CD-R/RW
Option: MO, Zip, DVD-Rom, DVD-R,DVD-RAM, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, PC card, Memeory Stick, SD Card, Flatbed scanner
Output media: Standard:FD
Option: CD-R/RW, MO, Zip, DVD-RAM, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, PC card, Memory Stick, SD Card
Color correction keys: Range: From C15 to +15
Difference ratio: From 0.1% to 50.0% (Adjustable in units of 0.1%) The standard ratio is 5.8%
Density correction keys: Range: From C15 to +15
Difference ratio: From 0.1% to 50.0% (Adjustable in units of 0.1%) The standard ratio is 15.0%
Repeat Printing: Any number up to 999 prints.
Channels:99 channels
Operation section: Keyboard for scanning and printing. Keyboard and mouse for image editing.
Display monitor: 17 inch color display monitor(Viewing angle is adjustable)
Monitor display: Final print condition displayed on monitor as a positive image (A maximum of 40 frames can be displayed at one time) Operation directions, settings, error information, etc, are displayed in dialogue from. Ample explanations and help functions for each mode.
Control with the built-in colorimeter.
Paper Processor(PP-1216)
Print sizes: Paper width:82.5, 89, 102, 114, 117, 120, 127, 130, 152, 165, 178, 203, 210, 216, 240, 279, 305(mm)
Paper advance length:82.5 to 457.0 mm
Paper supply: Dual magazine system.
Paper specifications: Maximum diameter of paper roll: 250mm, paper length:180M, Emulsion side OUT only.
Transport system: Roller transport
Circulation pumps: Corrosion resistant magnetic pumps with sensors to detect pump rotation.
Temperature control: Temperature in each sub-tank is controlled separately.
Replenishment system: An inner mixing device is installed.
The machine calculates the amount of paper processed and automatically supplies the appropriate amount of replenisher to each tank.
Water refilling: Water refilling is carried out automatically when the solution level sensors are activated.
Automatic cleaning: The upper guide is automatically cleaned at close down checks.
Collection of waste solutions: Three individual waste solutions are drained and collected into each tank separately.
Dryer: Hot air blowing system. Automatic on/off to save power.
Order classification: Can handle prints up to 152mm in width and 305mm in length.
Maximum number of orders: 17 orders (50 prints/order)
14 orders(82 prints/order)
The customer can choose either 17 orders or 14 orders
Processing speed: 1638 mm/min
Heating capacity: Max 3.6KW(3,100kcal/h)
Dimensions: See External view below
Weight: Approx. 692kg(Main body) + Approx. 143kg(Solution)= Approx.835kg

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