Noritsu QSS-3001 spec:

Acc's : 135 Auto Nega Mask 1 pc,Paper Magazine 2 pcs,Back Printer 1 pc,Mirror Tunnel 1 pc ,APS Auto Nega Mask,Calibration plate 1 pc,Desitometer 1 pc,Software 1 set

<Features >
The QSS-3001 Digital is smaller than any previously released QSS digital minilab.With
a footprint of only 1.39m2 this space-saving minilab design makes installation easy. The film scanner is detached and can be positioned in various places.
High capacity
With QSS-3001 Digital, you don't have to sacrifice processing speed to get the convenience
that compact size and fully digital operations bring. Among digital minilabs with a similar size, the
QSS-3001's estimated maximum capacity of 1160* prints/hr (89x127mm) is unrivaled.
Multiple alternatives for input/output
The QSS-3001 Digital has a wide variety of compatible input/output media to meet the diverse
demands of today's customers. Click here to view input/output possibilities.
High quality exposure system
Revolutionary laser technology is employed in the exposure system, enabling high quality prints
of 320dpi to be output onto both analogue paper and digital paper.
Simple user interface
The QSS-3001 Digital comes with a user interface that is sasier to use than ever before. Icons
resembling the actual input/output media are displayed on the screen. You can also check the
progress of your orders simply by glancing at the main menu.
Built-in manual
An electronic operator's manual is built into the system computer. Whenever an error
occurs, a Help button is displayed along with the error message which shows easy-to-understand
instructions on how to deal with the specific error.

Prints from digital media
There is no hassle in handling orders for prints from digital media, as they are dealt with in the same way as conventional orders for prints from film.

Dual paper magazine system (Option)
By setting different width paper in the magazines, various size prints can be made quickly and easily. Also, placing the same paper width in both magazines ensures the smooth continuation of printing after one is depleted.
135/240 Auto film carrier (Option)
The QSS-3001 Digital has an automatic film carrier that takes both 135 and IX240 film. Changing lanes is taken care of simply by moving a lever, making the scanning process easier and more efficient.

Film Scanner (S-1200)
Light Source Halogen Lamp (150W)
Film Types: Color negative and Positive (including mounted), B&W negative, Sepia negative
Film Size: 110, 135F, 135P, 135H, 135HD, 135FP, IX240 (CHP), 120 (6X4.5, 6X6, 6X7, 6X8, 6X9)
Film Carrier (Option):
135/340 AFC: Compatible with both 135 and IX240 film. Lane changes performed manually
120 AFC: Film carrier for 120 film. Compatible with negatives and positives. Minimum film length: 1 frame.
110 AFC: Film carrier for 110 film. Compatible with negatives only
135/240 MMC: Carrier for mounted 135 and IX240 film. Compatible with positives only.
135 AFC: Carrier for 135
* The S-1200 operates only when it is connected to the LPP-1200. The S-1200 cannot be used alone, and it cannot be used with anything except the LPP-1200

Laser Printer-processor (LP-1200)
Exposure system Laser scanning exposure by paper movement
Print resolution 320dpi
Exposure speed 50.8mm/sec.
Print sizes Paper width: 82.5,89, 102, 117, 120, 127, 130, 152, 165, 178, 203, 210 (mm)
Paper advance length: 117 to 356mm
Display monitor 17 inch color display monitor
Exposure conditions Control with the built-in colorimeter
Transport system Roller transport
Processing speed 165835 mm/min.
Paper supply Standard: Single magazine system
Option: Dual magazine system
Paper specifications Maximum diameter of paper roll: 250mm
Order classification Can handle prints up to 4"x6"
Maximum number of orders: 5 orders
Water refilling Automatic water refilling
Automatic cleaning Automatic cleaning of crossover racks
Weight Approx. 58510kg (including weight of solution (124kg))

Estimated Processing Capacity
Print size
Width x Paper advance length
Processing capacity
135 negative film (24 exp.) 89x127mm Approx. 1,160
102x152mm Approx. 1,000
203x254mm Approx. 361
203x356mm Approx. 264
IX240 negative film (25 exp.) 89mm paper width (C,H,P intermixed) 982
Digital camera (2.5 million pixels) 89x127mm 620

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