Digital Panoramic Camera

Net Weight : 1.5 kg
  Priced at only USD1000 ( not including single-lens reflex camera)
USD2000 (including Canon 450D+50mm lens )


This rotator stand is the specific application on camera equipment of the single-chip micro-computer controlled electromagnetic wave remote control technology in the photographic adopted extensively in the world at present .

We has successfully resolved the way electromagnetic docking , which can support three series of single-lens reflex camera of Canon, Kikon, Fujifilm, Sony , Panasonic ,Samsung , Olympus ,Pentax and Minolta on the common marketand use the laptop video to control the rotator stand wirelessly and remotely within 1000 meters . point of view can be rotated backward or forward for more than 360 degrees , and automatic focus then photograph on the erspective of the control point . continuous actions of re-focus and photographs can be available , all those filming process needed can be stored in memory state . it can automatically return to the starting state to repeat the same process after the completion of one operation so that it can realize digital panoranic portrait photography features by rotating machinery ,which expands the application of digital SLR camera and mades it come true that the accurate and speed of equal division angle operation which is manually difficult to achieve . finally makes the photographic scense and overall atnosphere achiever the consistent effect .
The technology and equipment is used mainly for panoramic portrait photo as well as leaving machine long - range shooting of animals , landscape, advertising and precisely collecting evidence by public security. Etc .



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